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<aside> 🔄 An evolving resource to support beginning, growing, maintaining, and progressing a Speculative Futures chapter for our expanding Design-Futures community.


Catalyzing or galvanizing a community of practice is hard, most anything worth pursuing is. Fortunately, communities are collective entities that grow together. Supporting one another and asking for support as you need it can foster that growth. You don’t have to start this process from scratch and we encourage you not to work through this process in isolation.

As we work through engaging, re-engaging, growing, maintaining and progressing new and old chapters of our Speculative Futures Meetup community around the world, we’ll be documenting our efforts.

This Meetup Toolkit is an extension of the Best Practices for Maintaining a Meetup Chapter supplemented by learnings from engaging with chapter organizers, members, and unaffiliated enthusiasts on our Speculative Futures Slack.

Speculative Futures Community Network Map:

Speculative Futures Meetup Community

Beginning a Speculative Futures Chapter

Start with the Why

Assess your personal bandwidth

Speculative Futures Meetup Chapter Values & Requirements

Explore Speculative Futures topics