whatever i happen to be tracking on <a href= ""></a>

Dan Hill's essay <a href="">Dark Matter and Trojan Horses: A Strategic Design Vocabulary</a> published as a book

the notion of <a href="">existential radicalism</a> as presented here

most everything that <a href="">Cassie Robinson</a> writes about

Antonio Starnino's first leap towards catalyzing a discussion around <a href="">the dynamics of our design community.</a>

Hugh Dubberly's <a href="">reconsidering the frame of Design as Problem-Solving</a>

Don Norman's discussing his discovery of <a href=""> Participatory Design</a>

Marcel Goethals' research projects <a href="">SUPERSYSTEMIC</a> and <a href="">Field</a>

This <a href="">ethical-tech think-piece</a> on how we can control what we've produced

Sarah Micheletti's effort to show you how to <a href="">Sustain Your Shit</a>